The road to where and who we are often takes many highways. After high school, I joined the Navy to see the world. I spent the next six years in the submarine service as a Nuclear Reactor Operator and electronics technician. (No, I do not glow at night). Ironically, while in the Navy, I rarely saw anything but the underwater green of the North Atlantic Ocean from the viewing sight of a periscope, 300 feet below the sea. 


After my tour in the Navy, I went on to complete a medical degree with a residency in Internal Medicine. I started my present journey into landscape photography about 10 years ago while providing care for individuals with HIV and AIDS. Photography developed initially as a means of getting outdoors but soon became a passion. Slowly, as is often the case, I found myself drawn to its artistic lure and creative passion. After a rewarding 24 years in my Los Angeles medical practice, I answered the call of the Southwest with a move to Tucson, Arizona where my wife and I make our home. 


My wife, Margaret, is fulfilling her dream of a career in Library Science and will focus on children's literature. I have made the transition to a full time career in landscape photography and fine art print sales. Life has been a fulfilling journey in this process. The lesson for us has been to follow our hearts and dreams.


Landscape photography allows me to capture my dream of travel and exploration. Traveling in my 20-foot mini-RV, The Silver Bullet, I have the opportunity to see and create inspirational beauty. What more could one ask? 

Recently, I have delved into Astrophotography and will be adding Milky way as well as deep space photos to my collection of images. I have spent many hours of late with my Astrophotography and my recent retirement from the Veterans Administration will afford me greater opportunity to pursue this new venture. 


My images are meant to inspire, in you, an increased awareness for the beauty that exists in our remaining wilderness and national parks. These images are both original and expressive renditions of the natural landscapes and convey my visualization of their beauty at the time of capture. I take pleasure in the capture process using both film and digital photography equipment. I believe it is important to understand the fundamentals of film photography to allow for a complete understanding of the photographic process. I would encourage you to gain this basic expertise to allow for a complete foundation during the photographic transition to a digital environment. 


It is quite magical to undergo the production process of a photograph in Photoshop or Lightroom and see a digiital file come to life in print. It is only in this final print that one can truly appreciate the exquisite beauty of these locations. The images you will experience are created, processed, and printed by me in my Tucson studio. I provide fine art printing services, photography, Photoshop and digital work flow instruction.


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